The COVID-19 pandemic has encouraged several people to invest in backyard home office pods as the world transitions from working in the office to working at home setup.


Enjoy Fresh Air

Backyard home office pods are a great wat to enjoy the fresh air as each home office pods can be designed according to your designs and specifications. You can install a large glass to your backyard home office pods and enjoy your surroundings and fresh air and take advantage of natural light, so you are at peace while working. Talk to us now for more details. 

Easier to Install

If you are looking for a backyard office that is easy to install and does not require complex permits, contractors and rigorous planning, then backyard home office pods is the best way to go. Backyard pods Sydney can be shipped and prepared beforehand, so the only thing that you have to worry about is where to place your very own backyard granny pods.


Perfect for Small Space

If you are living in a house where it is cramped or has very limited space, having backyard housing pods is a good choice to give you peace and personal space. Having a place where you can relax is a good way to maintain your mental health and to stay productive. You can also design your backyard home office pods so that you have an open-air workstation.

backyard pods australia

Backyard home office pods are a logical choice as they provide flexibility and longevity. Each backyard housing pods can be assembled, disassembled and transported to a different place, providing a flexible option to all backyard granny pods owners. Overall, you are only limited by your imagination.

Grab this chance to have your very own and create a sustainable, self-sufficient work space. Leave us a message and let us discuss how we can start creating your backyard home office pods.

Why Not Build Modular?

Backyard home office pods are perfect for all types of people: from writers and artists to entrepreneurs. Each backyard housing pods can create a relaxing place where you can work, read books, drink a cup of coffee and overall just a place where you can be alone and have peace of mind. Criss Cross Constructions has been in business for several years now and has been providing quality backyard granny pods that are made to withstand harsh weather conditions while protecting your backyard home office pods from insects, moisture and humidity. The materials for our backyard home office pods are carefully selected to maintain structural integrity. Each of our backyard home office pods are made to be eco-friendly, flexible and for faster construction.


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