Delivering successful developments – that’s what Criss Cross does best.


Delivering successful developments – that’s what Criss Cross does best. So, surround yourself with our property development experts and we can do the same for you.

Having walked the property development path with so many customers, our team’s foresight is a valuable addition to any development. No hidden costs around the next corner. No expensive time delays from cutting corners. Just one clear path towards realising your property’s full potential.



Are you in search of a company that will help you realize your dream project? Secondary dwelling, duplex, villas or multi-unit development – partner with Criss Cross Constructions and we will take care of everything for you. We are one of the best multi residential builders in Parramatta and the whole of Greater Western Sydney. We aspire to always provide our customers with the best service, always aiming to go beyond expectations. 

From planning and design to construction, our team of experts work seamlessly together minimizing time, costs and risk, all while maximizing your potential profits. Our highly skilled design team will also work closely with you to make sure that your vision will be realised.

Talk to Criss Cross Constructions now for your desired development and we will get back you right away.



Units are typically small detached single-story houses built on an allotment sharing a common driveway. As they are built on a single level they are quick & cost effective to construct. They can also broaden the rent or sale market as stairs do not become a limiting factor to potential clients.


A duplex is one building with two homes that share a common central wall. These 2 homes typically have the same floor plan and are a mirror image of each other.


Villas is three or more adjoining homes built on a street frontage or around one shared common driveway. These can be single or double stories, depending on council guidelines.


Typically townhouses are multiple stories with small footprints so they are ideal for smaller blocks. As they comprise more that one level it provides the opportunity to increase the building area that you can construct on a given piece of land to maximise its development potential.

Apartment Buildings

These are multiple units and multiple stories within one building. Apartment building may also have various shared facilities for residents to access.


Multi-residential building living has become a rising trend, especially in areas where there is a problem of a limited space. Multi-residential developments are well sought nowadays especially because of the rising population. Building a multi-unit residential can be a hassle. With this factor in mind, it is important to collaborate with multi residential builders that know what they do and are sure to deliver what they promise their clients. This is where Criss Cross Constructions comes in. We are multi residential builders stationed here in Sydney, Australia. As custom home builders, we have the experience, skills and team that can compete with home building companies in Sydney.

Criss Cross Constructions, as multi residential builders in Sydney, has developed and maintained trust from their previous clients. That is why, if you are looking for new home builders in Sydney, then we are the best in the market. We take care of all the necessary tasks that are needed to complete your dream project. Criss Cross Constructions, as new home builders in Sydney, sets you up so that you get the most out of your dream multi-unit residential project.

So what type of development are you interested in? See more of our work as multi unit builders here in Sydney, Australia and collaborate with us.


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