Duplex homes that looks and feels like a house


Duplex home builders Sydney creates new apartments that have the look and feel of a house. Duplex home builders offer a similar living experience to that of a new house build. Duplexes can include a garage for parking as well as an outdoor space, such as a patio or backyard.

Custom duplex builders Sydney can also incorporate your desired plans and designs. Unlike a single-family home, duplexes allow you to share common areas with your neighbors. It is a great avenue to strengthen relationships among families – related or not.

Duplex home builders can also configure your homes however you want it. You can have them stacked on top of each other or side by side. Whichever suits well for you and your family.

Each unit in a duplex home has two separate entrances. This is great if you are looking to rent the other half of your home. This means that your tenant has his or her entrance and provides privacy for you both.

Having a duplex home allows you to live in a beautiful home and property while still earning passive money. This project will require the assistance of skilled duplex home builders. That’s why we’re here at Criss Cross.


A duplex house is typically more affordable than a single-family home depending on the location. But it provides many of the same amenities as a single-family home, such as a lawn, garage, and privacy.

One of the great benefits that duplex homes offer is their income-generating potential. If you’re planning to build a home that can also help sustain you financially, a duplex is a way to go. Duplexes are cheaper compared to a standard apartment rental which means you won’t have difficulty having tenants. If your property is situated in a high-value location, you can be earning more as more families would prefer it.

Duplex homes are a great investment project. It is affordable and sustainable. You need not worry as well about the initial cost of the project because there are cheap duplex builders Sydney. Cheaper however doesn’t mean less experience and unreliable.

With decades of experience, Criss Cross is one of the most trusted duplex home builders. Every building project requires duplex home builders to comprehend and provide the most value for your money. Our expert builders and staff will ensure that you receive the most return on investment. Creating an economical, stylish, and sustainable home for you and other families too.


There is a growing demand for duplex homes in Sydney and so with duplex home builders. Building duplex homes appeal to many people for its many benefits. The days of modest, cramped homes with two bedrooms and limited living areas are long gone.

New duplex builders are creating a new generation of duplex homes with spacious living areas. Duplex units with 4 bedrooms, generous storages spaces, garages, and larger kitchen and dining.

The success and satisfaction with your duplex building project are largely dependent however on the duplex home builders you choose. You want to make sure that you will meet the results you expected and the contractual features you’ve agreed upon. This entails thorough evaluation and carefully choosing the best duplex builders in Sydney.

There are numerous methods for finding the best duplex builders in Sydney, but you must first understand the characteristics to seek for. You will be delighted with your duplex home if you take the time to screen your possible duplex builders Sydney.

We at Criss Cross pride ourselves on having a strong industry experience and proper license in building construction. We can provide you with a precise written estimate for free, and they sure are within the industry norms. These and many others are just part of our commitment to offering the best level of customer service to every customer.


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