As the saying goes, only change is the constant thing in this world. Everything changes quickly, without reason or just because it has to. This is also true in multi residential buildings industry. With the advancement of technology, multi residential buildings changes and trends have been more modern and sleek and are always functional but still keeping its traditional outlook. Every now and then, multi residential buildings design trends changes from the popularity of past and new inventions in the market. To some home building companies in Sydney, this proves to be a challenge as clients wants popular but still puts their own twist in it. The problem with this is that you need to consider every aspect of the project, time, functionality, budget, clients’ needs and wants, the popular trend going on and many more. So how can you avoid these unnecessary components in multi residential buildings? You need be informed and always be informed. You need to learn what is and what is not. To save you time on researching, here are some multi residential buildings design trends you need to know in 2021.




A type of commercial property that includes both commercial and residential place is one of the latest multi-family design trends today. One of the most common mixed used designs is a vertical, multi-story building, which features a retail  store or office on the street level and apartments above.

They have spread out to suburban areas as people have moved away from the hustle and bustle of metropolitan areas and they are now more popular in cities and major commercial areas. They are the perfect option for family who would like to get as close to their business and still enjoys the comfort of home. Now, it is not uncommon to see coffee shops and law offices topped with apartments along the streets or since remote work is so prevalent now, many of these buildings feature shared co-working spaces mixed in amongst the retail and living areas.


Carpet or ceramic tiles are the more traditional flooring options because they are visually appealing but not necessarily practical in terms of functionality in a multi-family setting. Flooring in residential areas should be easy to clean, durable and aesthetically pleasing. When you are scoping out new properties make sure that flooring is one if the first places you need to start with. Flooring products are always evolving and improving and they are a critical component of the successful integration of a space.


With an eye toward cleanliness and proper distancing, multi-family design trends are starting to see the creation of work spaces incorporated into a residential setting. With the pandemic today, a popular work-from-home setting is necessary and having a designated workspace within a residential setting is appealing to renters of all ages. Many co-working spaces are designed so people can sit in a cubicle-like space and have a pace to make calls, charge their phone or use their laptops and of course have access to Wi-Fi. This is critical as it cuts back on the number of peoples in the same room space sharing germs.

Working spaces come in so many shapes and sizes today in the world of non-stop hustle and work. Providing desks that you can plug into, comfortable armchairs where you can curl up with your laptop and rooms where you can actually close the door if you need privacy is almost a necessary now more than ever. These rooms are multi-functional so they can transition from a conference room to private dining room used to celebrate a birthday or any special occasion.


With more people accustomed to spending time and socializing outdoors, the number one outdoor amenity that multi-family housing clients suggests and recommend is an outdoor pool. The pool is the most common amenity since it is accessible to almost everyone and everyone can enjoy whether they are in the pool or on the side. Aside from these, other types of amenities such as basketball, badminton, volleyball courts are also good but they need more planning since the take too much space. Built-in barbecues ad elaborate fire pits are also a good investment as more and people opt to spend their time just relaxing sharing stories or drinking wine and nothing creates more socializing and conversation than food and drinks. Gardens are also good as it will help residents to grow food and share them with others.


Now that we are in a limited face-to-face interaction, there have been an acceleration of sales of e-commerce as it is easier to order and wait for it to deliver not risking yourself from getting sick and saving so much time and stress from all the travelling and other things that might happen before, during and after your shopping. But since this has been a sudden for all us, storages are mostly for letters, bills and small packages only. A more allocated space for these packages including cold storages for food, flowers and other perishables.

There are more than these examples above but they are the most common in every multi residential buildings. Residential builders in Sydney are also aware of these new design trends. Many residential building designers in Sydney are always on alert on the sudden needs and wants or the popular trends because the power of influence today is very strong. If you do not keep up you will be left behind and before you know it you are no longer in business.



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