Building that dream home with reliable multi residential builders was the best decision you made to make a place where you feel safe and comfortable and maybe soon start raising your family. Throughout the years you have perfected to maintain the beauty and quality of your home but soon realize that you will need a bigger space or eventually move into someplace else. But where would you get the money when the time comes? If selling the house means securing that money and eventually transferring to a new neighbourhood how sure are you that selling the house will yield that much?

Adding value to your home is the perfect way to make sure that when you sell it, you can sell it for what it is worth. But how do I achieve that? By hiring the perfect company with reliable multi residential builders that will surely get the job done.



Multi residential builders are professionals who can build or renovate anything within your property. Home building companies in Sydney hire different professions in the industry but never forget to hire multi residential builders as they are the backbone of any construction company anywhere in the world. The output and products they produce reflect what kind of company they are.

The most common and reliable option to do so you end up with the company that will build or renovate your home is through recommendations or word of mouth. You would easily know if a company is a good performing company if they are recommended more than often. This will eventually let you determine if they are fit for you. Asking questions from the person who recommended it and looking through the finished project that they made would also be ideal to have a glimpse of what they can do for you. Word of mouth is reliable but you also need to do your research as your needs differ from the one who recommended it to you. Once your mind is partially made up, the last thing to do is to contact them and talk through about your project so that they can also have they professional input on it and hope that they are the perfect company to work with.

But how do I know what kind of projects I need to do to add value to my home? Here are some tips and ideas to consider:



It is essential to complete the work before making any cosmetic improvements when looking at ways to add value to your home because updating services such as wiring and plumbing is a disruptive job and will involve lifting floors and chasing out plaster.

Updating the electrics is essential if the house has not been rewired for some years. You should be able to tell by looking by the meter if there is an old fuse box, you probably need to rewire the house and install a modern consumer unit for safety. In some cases it is worth it opting for attractive face plates for sockets and switches as adding extra sockets will also add value to your home. If you are rewiring, use this opportunity to update lighting or add extractor fans in the bathroom.

Consider a pressurised plumbing system, rather than gravity fed as it eliminates the need for a header tank, thus freeing up space and ensures good pressure on both the hot and cold supplies. Old pipework can get very furred up, leading to poor hot and cold flow and at worst can lead to burst pipes.


Dealing with structural issues will massively impact the value of any house, so anyone wanting to add to their home needs to make structural issues a priority. Making sure the house is structurally safe and secure will boost the value more than you can imagine, after all that’s we need from a home. It makes no sense to carry out cosmetic improvements or internal work, such as installing as new kitchen or bathroom, or any decoration work without doing this first. Fixing structural issues, in some cases, involve underpinning costs but in terms of adding value they are absolutely essential. Examples include sagging or leaky roofs, crack walls, bowing walls, rotten joists or roof timbers, insect infestation, missing or broken roof tile and the likes.

Calling a multi residential builder is to be advised in the case of structural defects.



Consider using concrete to create a smooth and strong paved surface if your home doesn’t have a driveway or is due for a new one. Concrete driveways last much longer, have minimal maintenance needs and are more heat-resistant and also provides a cleaner look compared to asphalt. This is a factor that appeals very much to prospective home buyers. A concrete driveway is a good start for a good impression.

If you are looking for a weather-resistant feature to your landscape and boosts your homes curb appeal, a concrete the ideal way to do. This material can be used to create sturdy and eye-catching walkways. You can even stamp the surface to create an appealing stone look. You can also use concrete to form edges around plant beds to add texture to your yard and highlight different vegetation. A glance at these areas will show visitors or prospective buyer that you care about your homes appearance and value. A real estate agent would agree that a concrete curb is more appealing and has a higher chance of purchase compared to asphalt.

Outdoor patios will certainly increase the value of your home and are perfect for adding stamped concrete designs in a choice of colours, a natural stain or plain concrete. There are numerous shape and sizes to choose from to get the exact design for your home’s outdoor areas. A cozy wall finish for a patio or an enclosed all-season room to expand usable living space, either indoors or outside can be achieved by using vertical stone decorated by concrete.



With over 20 years of experience as multi residential builders in Sydney, we can deliver the best output for you to add that value to your home. We may not be included in the new home builders in Sydney but we are as much as capable and as advance as they can be, even better! We are not only plain multi residential builders but we can also function as home custom builders, meaning you design it we build it any way you want. We always set our best foot forward for our customers to not only meet their expectations but exceed them.